Qiang LIU

Nanchang University                         Bachelor of Law
The University of Texas at Austin       Master of Laws 
Kevin Kerveng Tung Law Office (New York)     Associate
Zhonglun Law Firm                                       Associate
Rayyin& Partners PRC Lawyers                       Partner
Ms. Liu was licensed in China as well as in the State of New York, U.S.A. Ms. Liu also possesses the Certificate of Accounting Professional in China.

Area of Practice
Private Equity & Investment Fund, International trade & WTO, Outbound Investment

Private Equity & Investment Fund:
Ms. Liu is good at private equity and investment fund law in which she has more than 11 years of practice experience. With her deep understanding in policies and rules in financing, taxation and investment, Ms. Liu can play a unique professional value in due diligence, plan design, business negotiation, and transaction risk control of major and complex projects. Ms. Liu helps her client achieving their commercial purpose to the greatest extent while controlling their risks , and is constantly highly recognized by her clients.

International trade & WTO:
Ms. Liu is familiar with substantive and procedural rules of antidumping and countervailing duty in the U.S., EU, Australia, South America and Southeast Asia countries. Ms. Liu is also a veteran of Chinese import/export laws, enterprise accounting system and international trade practice. Ms. Liu has represented antidumping and countervailing duty cases in steel, textile, chemical, food and many other pivotal industries and is a trustworthy counsel in this area.

Furthermore, Ms. Liu was acquainted with Chinese accounting system and cost accounting methods. In cases, combining her deep understanding of client’s accounting practice/financial documents with her expertise in antidumping or countervailing duty rules, especially her insight into the calculation methods for normal value and dumping margin, Ms. Liu can design best defending path for clients. 

English & Mandarin