Trust and Wealth Management

We are not only familiar with the sensitivity and concern of China's wealthy people to issues such as safety, concealment, identity and tax etc., but also understand the hardships of China's private entrepreneurs, and the numerous unavoidable problems in the inheritance of the family business. Our professional background and experiences in company structure, foreign exchange, foreign investment, multinational taxation, and offshore trusts ensure that we can customize wealth management and estate planning scheme for different family enterprises that meet their recent and long-term interests. We can design for family businesses company ownership structure adjustment, immigration arrangements, foreign investment, establishment of overseas family office, and setting up overseas family trust etc., to ensure long-term planning of wealth of the whole family, and at the same time make corresponding tax arrangement.
Mixed Marriage
Due to different cultural background and status of property, we suggest that each and every party concerned involving transnational marriage or cohabitation relationship rationally consider establishing prenuptial property agreement and postnuptial asset agreement. At the time when the marriage or cohabitation relationship is unable to sustain, we can provide you with our professional opinions concerning division of property, child support, and future life planning etc. We are particularly good at dealing with financial assets or equity interests involving considerable value, or planning of marriage or dispute of divorce having different types of properties in different jurisdictions. Our lawyers are especially good at handling marriage legal issues involving Hong Kong.

Personal Taxes

Provide foreign individuals in China with tax consulting services, establish project preliminary stage tax planning, solve tax disputes on proxy, and assist to get government approval. Rayyin & Partners provides tax advisory and solutions in all kinds of transactions; and assist client to handle tax disputes. At the same time, in helping customers preparing for all kinds of documents of government examination and approval and market access files, Rayyin & Partners has rich experiences. On the other hand, as more and more Chinese people have acquired overseas status, how to solve the problem of having income and assets in different jurisdictions while reducing unnecessary tax burden as much as possible is also our specialty.
Estate Planning of Chinese Family Enterprises

How to dispose of the wealth that one self has created? This is a difficult problem that many rich Chinese are facing. Estate planning in advance can help Chinese family businesses avoid the following succession crisis.
Estate Planning and Wealth Management

China's first generation entrepreneurs are currently between 55 to 75 years old, they don’t have their previous generation’s wealth planning and inheritance experience, and therefore their experiences on how to handle the succession of family wealth is very much limited; China has the world's fourth largest high net worth population: by the end of 2011, China has nearly 1 million individuals whose assets has reached or exceeded 1 million US dollars; in the next 5 to 10 years, about 3 million Chinese people will have to face the problem of their personal property or corporate business succession, of which, about a third of the rich will have already had overseas identity or have invested overseas, and of the remaining two-thirds of the rich, 30% of them will have overseas investment or immigration plan over the next three years. As far as the rich Chinese who have already had overseas status, overseas assets, or overseas investment, the problem of inheritance will become more and more complicated than they are now.