Foreign Investment

RayYin specializes and excels in foreign investment services.  We are known for our expertise and creativity in structuring investment projects and in protecting our clients’ rights and interests.  We are knowledgeable about the relevant rules and regulations and are highly skilled and experienced at implementing creative solutions to obstacles that are commonly faced by foreign investors, as well as at devising customized solutions to address difficulties that are unique to specific projects.  We handle investments in a wide variety of industries and work with clients of all sizes.      
Choosing the right structure for a company or a transaction is an extremely important first step and our lawyers provide clear, practical advice regarding available options.  Our western clients appreciate that our fluency in English and comfort with speaking directly and candidly minimizes any communication problems based on cultural differences and enables us to facilitate their communications with their Chinese partners.  They soon trust us to perform due diligence regarding target companies, assets, and suppliers; evaluate potential business partners and staff; advise them regarding possible locations for their business operations; and provide company secretarial services.  Beyond providing legal services, we become trusted partners who support our clients in a myriad of ways.