Technology, Telecoms & Internet

Scope of Services

·         Providing science and technology, telecommunications and internet enterprises with full-range services including due diligence investigation, compliance advice, designing of investment structure, negotiation, documents drafting and transaction closing for their financing, reorganization, merger and acquisition, foreign direct investment and capital markets business.
·         Advising on construction and development of basic telecommunication facilities
·         Providing legal services related to Big Data, protection of personal information and privacy, data collection, cross-border transmission, etc.
·         Assisting clients, in line with market access policies, in the investment of various value-added telecommunications services
·         Assisting domestic start-up companies in establishing business models that meet the requirements of financing and IPO
·         Providing legal services related to the setup and operation of e-commerce platforms
·         Providing legal services concerning network security, including the construction of compliance system, protection of key information infrastructure, etc.
·         Assisting in the settlement of disputes over domain names
·         Assisting in the mediation and settlement of disputes with Apple Store and Google Play for launching and removal.
·         Providing legal services related to unfair competition, intellectual property rights infringement (games, app plagiarism, trademark infringement, etc.)
Offering legal services regarding internet finance, including third-party payment, P2P lending, crowdfunding, innovative internet financing platform, internet banking and big data for online financing, etc.