Corporate Business

To provide all kinds of enterprises and companies with basic and special legal advisory services and to assist companies of all kinds solve various legal problems in company operation is one of the important businesses of the law firm. We adopt legal counsel to assist enterprises to establish a proper system to prevent legal risks, to help enterprises to evaluate the legal problems in the specific business operation behavior and take control measures, and deal with legal crises occurred in enterprise business operation in a timely manner. In work, by making full use of its comprehensive professional ability, the law firm reduces the cost of enterprise dealing with legal affairs, and ensures the objectivity and independence of legal advice. In recent years, enterprises to which lawyers of this firm provide corporate legal consultancy services involve many fields, such as industrial manufacturing, finance, real estate, infrastructure, service sector, and commercial retail business etc., and its long-term clients include dozens of domestic and foreign large enterprises, multinational companies, such as Motorola (China) Co., Ltd., Guangdong Development Bank, China Unicom, China International Engineering Consulting Corporation (CIECC), China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), China Development Bank, Beijing Rail Transit Road Network Management Co., Ltd., BAMC etc., and also include small and medium-sized companies and new enterprises