Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Rayyin & Partners has rich domestic and cross-border dispute resolution and litigation experiences. Making use of their own rich dispute resolution and litigation skills, as well as logical thinking in dealing with problems and strategic planning, our lawyers have solved successfully a number of large-scale commercial disputes in China for our foreign clients, participated in international arbitration and domestic litigation on behalf of domestic customers, and won approval from both our domestic and foreign customers.
Our cross-border dispute resolutions and litigation businesses include:
-Cross-border mergers and acquisitions
-International trade
-Transnational bank litigations
-Company and securities related disputes
-Foreign direct investment related disputes
-General business disputes
-Intellectual property litigation
-Labor arbitration and litigation
-Product liability disputes
-Real estate litigation, etc
Our domestic dispute resolutions and litigation businesses include:
-Agent participation in domestic civil litigation;
-Agent participation in court ruling and execution at various levels on behalf of  domestic and foreign customers
-Agent background investigation and adoption of property preservation 
-measures etc. on behalf of domestic and foreign customers.