Outbound Investment

Scope of Services

·         Surveying on the legal environment of potential investment destinations
·         Analyzing, assessing and formulating plans against general risks, investment risks and legal risks
·         Providing services for the whole process from design to establishment of overseas financing platforms
·         Conducting due diligences in outbound M&A and investment deals
·         Advising on transactional structures for outbound M&A and investment deals
·         Assisting corporate groups in passing their internal inspections on their proposed outbound investments
·         Assisting in obtaining relevant PRC governmental approvals
·         Drafting the transactional documents for outbound M&A and investment deals
·         Assisting in the preparation for tender-bidding process
·         Participating and assisting in the business negotiation
·         Facilitating the closing of outbound investment related projects
·         Assisting the acquisition of annexation loans and project financings
·         Providing legal advice on outbound investment in PPP projects
·         Advising on the commercial insurance for outbound investments
·         Providing full-range counseling for insurance against political risks
·         Advising on matters involving approvals by official bodies
·         Advising on the approval/ review procedures at Chinese government level for outbound investments
·         Assisting clients in selecting, coordinating and managing local intermediary agencies based outside China
·         Rendering dispute resolution services in various jurisdictions
·         Issuing legal opinions on specialized issues
·         Providing legal advice on bilateral investment treaties, tax treaties and the application for other international arrangements
Offering training sessions on the laws of investment destinations