Elaine WANG


Education Background

Ph. D. of Law, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Visiting Scholar, University of Bremen, Germany

Master of Arts, University of International Business and Economics

Bachelor of Economics, University of International Business and Economics


Work Experience

Partner, Rayyin & Partners, P.R.C. Lawyers

Lawyer, Beijing Jurisino Law Group

Translator, Deutsche Bank Beijing Office

Area of Practice 

Ms. Elaine Wang is partner of RayYin & Partners P.R.C Lawyers. She specializes in international trade law and WTO, foreign investment, overseas investment of Chinese enterprise, immigration law research and consultation.

During her Ph.D study, Ms. Wang has done extensive research in the area of European Union law, including EU financial regulation law, foreign trade law and immigration law.

In her past practice, Ms. Elaine Wang has worked as legal council for various clients, including government institutions and corporations in the field of E-Commerce. She has played a vital role in advising Ministry of Railway in its “Go Global” effort by conducting legal research related to foreign investment of the destination countries.

Ms. Elaine Wang has a lot of experience dealing with clients from both home and abroad. She has a thorough understanding of client need and can always work out the best solution for the clients.

Published works:

European Union’s Regulation on Credit Rating Agencies, published in “European Studies Journal”, August 2012.

European Union Immigration and Asylum Law Study, Ph. D. dissertation


Mandarin &  Chinese