Michelle Q Zang

Of counsel
Fudan University              Bachelor of Law
Durham UniversityMaster of Laws
Durham University             PhD in Law
Working Experience
New York University
WTO, Appellate Body Secretariat
King & Wood Mallesons, International Trade Department
PluriCourts, University of Oslo
Teaching Experience
Shandong University School of Law
Durham University School of Law
PluriCourts, University of Oslo
International trade & WTO
“The Uncompleted Mission of China — Electronic Payment Services: Policy Equilibrium between Market Access and National Treatment under the GATS”, Manchester Journal of International Economic Law, April 2015.
“EC-Fasteners: Opening the Pandora’s Box of Non-market Economy Treatment”,Journal of International Economic Law ,2011,14 (4), 869–892.
“Green Public Procurement in China and the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement: is it hard to be ‘fairly’ green?”,Jean Monnet Working Paper 2010 – 2011, the School of Law, New York University.
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Book Review: Joan Apecu Laker, “African Participation at the World Trade Organization: Legal and Institutional Aspects, 1995-2010, MartinusNijhoff Publishers, 2013”, Nordic Journal of International Law, 2015, 84(2).
English & Mandarin