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Trade Remedies; WTO and Trade Disputes; Trade Policies Research; Business Corporate Laws
After joining trade law team of Rayyin, Mr. Zhou Lei mainly focuses the attention to antidumping, countervailing, safeguards and other WTO related cases. Mastering trade remedy laws and regulations of United States, European Union, Australia, Latin America and East Asia countries, Being familiar with importing and exporting laws and policies of China and enterprise management rules of financial and accounting, trading practices, Mr. Zhou Lei handled antidumping and countervailing investigations on exports of China initiated by countries all over the world (some of cases are listed below), and his professional areas cover sectors of steel, textile, energy, chemical industry, and food, where are most affected areas by trade remedy investigation from trading partners of China. He is well experienced with resolving antidumping and countervailing investigation and measures.

Mr. Zhou Lei is an expert in data analysis, which makes him efficiently integrate and reconcile exporting data and accounting figures when providing services to the customers; With the help of accurate understanding of antidumping and countervailing laws and regulations, determination and calculation of normal value and dumping margins, Mr. Zhou Lei could, in combination of different situations of enterprises, design and provide best customization program to lower risks of imposition of trade protection measures.

Below listed are cases handled by Mr. Zhou Lei:
1. Representing the biggest stainless steel producer of China “Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.”, who achieved the only zero dumping margin in stainless steel antidumping investigation by Thailand.
2. Representing Zhejiang South Petrochemical Co., Ltd. in antidumping investigation on polyester yarn by Indonesia, who achieved the only zero dumping margin in the preliminary determination.
3. Representing China Communications of Importing and Exporting Co., Ltd. in antidumping investigation on ceramic tiles by Brazil, who achieved lowest dumping margin amongst Chinese enterprises.
4. Representing Chongqing Weima Agricultural Machines Co., Ltd. in antidumping investigation on Motor Hoes by Turkey, who achieve the lowest dumping margin amongst Chinese enterprises.
5. Representing the biggest Welded Tubes Producer of China “Tianjin Youfa Steel Group Co., Ltd.” in the antidumping investigation on welded pipes by Peru, which get the lowest dumping margin amongst of Chinese enterprises.
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