Paul Matthews


University of London Law  LL.D.
University of Oxford Law  B.C.L.
University College London Law LL.B.

King's College London Professor
Withers LLP (London) Consultant Solicitor
Hopkins & Wood (London) Partner


Professor Matthews specializes in trust law, international and transnational litigation, especially involving offshore jurisdictions. His research and expertise is relevant to the offshore finance industry and the estate planning industry because of the use in these sectors of trusts (and other similar vehicles) based in offshore jurisdictions.

Among other subjects, Professor Matthews lectures trusts and property law and International and comparative trust law in King's College London since 1995. As a consultant solicitor in Withers LLP, a prestigious English trust law firm, he practices in terms of English and International trust law. He has given advices on numerous trust investment schemes located both in the UK and offshore countries for commercial and financial purposes, including asset securitization via trust.

Professor Matthews is not only specialized in English and offshore trust law, but has an extensive research and experience on international trust law, esp. trust law of civilian countries. He has been invited to give speech on trust law by Spain, Switzerland, Japan and Italy. His article, the Supposed Incompatibility of Trusts law and Civilian Countries, addressing the necessity of trust law has been translated in to Spanish and Chinese.

English, French and Italian

Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists
Associazione 'Il Trust in Italia'
British Institute of International and Comparative Law
City of London Solicitors' Company
Law Society of England and Wales
Society of Legal Scholars
Solicitors' Association of Higher Court Advocates

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Trusts: Migration and Change of Proper Law. , 1997
The Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 - A Practitioners' Guide. , 1996
The Jersey Law of Trusts (3rd edition). , 1994
The Jersey Law of Property. , 1991