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Ms. Hao Wang Lectured Private Trust

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On November 25, 2011, Beijing International Trust Co., Ltd invited Ms. Hao Wang, partner of Rayyin & Partners to make a presentation concerning private trust and family trust.

Ms. Hao Wang discussed how to serve high net worth individuals with effective trust or foundation structures. She used the disputes of Chen Yifei family business and family trust as an example to explain the real concerns of Chinese wealthy clients. Moreover, Ms. Hao Wang talked about the current development and existing problems of private trust in China.

Rayyin started its trust practice since its establishment in the year of 2004. Rayyin has been invited as the legal consultant for the amendments of  the Administration Measures for Trust Companies and the Measures for the Administration of Trust Companies' Collective Capital Trust Plan in the year of 2006.In the meantime, Rayyin provides legal advice to many trust companies and also offers estate plan and wealth management service to high net worth individuals both at home and abroad.

For more information about private trust in China and China trust lawyer, please log on the website of Rayyin or contact Ms. Hao Wang at wh@rayyinlawyer.com.