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Rayyin Assisted the Pilot Family Trust in Mainland China

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In 2013, Ms. Hao WANG, the partner of RayYin & Partners P.R.C Lawyers, was invited to provide legal service to China Merchants Bank(CMB)for the pilot private trust business in mainland China in accordance with Chinese legal environment,. On July 11, CMB announced the breakthrough of its private banking family trust business (namely, wealth succession trust) .

With Ms. Hao WANG's legal assistance, Chinese domestic family trust business achieves an icebreaking progress, and becomes a new focus area to HNWIs. Family trust, as an important estate plan instrument to carry on long-term planning and risk management, it exerts remarkable significance to the wealthy individuals. In addition, it helps the settlor to realize his wealth preservation, wealth appreciation, and wealth inheritance.

Other than acting as a legal counsel for many trust companies in China, Ms. Hao WANG  provides all-around, bespoke and confidential wealth management services for many Chinese and foreign HNWIs including entrepreneurs and celebrities.. Ms. Wang has rich experience using trust to solve difficulties that arise from family wealth succession.

Rayyin & Partners provides its clients with comprehensive legal services including Trust, Estate Plan and Wealth Management and other private clients matters. For further information or to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can assist you with the above-mentioned matter, please contact Ms. Hao Wang at wh@rayyinlawyer.com or Mr. Yi Zhou at zy@rayyinlawyer.com.