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Ms. Hao Wang's Presentation at NYSBA Joint Meeting in New York

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Ms. Wang was invited to give a presentation on Chinese trust law and international estate planning on November 25 in New York. The event was a joint meeting of two New York State Bar Association's committees: The Committee on International Estates and Trusts of the NYSBA International Section and the Committee on International Estate planning of the NYSBA Trusts & Estates Section.

Ms. Wang's presentation was entitled China's 2001 Trust Law and International Estate Planning: Opportunities and Challenges. The organizers were delighted to hear Ms. Wang's speech on the topic, since she is a pioneer in the field of Chinese trust law and is the first attorney from PRC to be elected to the International Academy of Estate and Trust Law. After the presentation there were further discussion exploring some of the issues regarding the development of China's Trust Law and its possible future in planning for clients with significant ties to China, the United States and other jurisdictions.

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