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RayYin Attending Fiduciary Future Cyprus Conference 2012

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Fiduciary Future Cyprus Conference 2012 was held in Cyprus On October 31 2012. As one of the most developed European countries in fiduciary service, Cyprus invited many banks, trust companies, accounting firms and law firms all over the world to attend this Conference. The Government of Cyprus paid great attention to this Conference, and both of the governor of its Central Bank and the Minister of its Ministry of Finance attended this Conference.

As the only law firm being invited from Mainland China, the senior partners of Rayyin & Partners PRC Lawyer Mr. Yi Zhou and Ms. Hao Wang attended this Conference, and the two partners made presentations about "How to Structure Your Business in China" in the Conference. The attendees showed great welcome and interests to the presentations and asked the two partners more detailed questions regarding how to make service industry enter into China.  

Rayyin & Partners provides its clients with comprehensive legal services including Foreign Investment matters, China's Overseas Investment matters, Trust matters, ,Anti-Dumping and Anti-Subsidy matters and other ,corporate matters. For further information or to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can assist you with the above-mentioned matter, please contact Ms. Hao Wang at wh@rayyinlawyer.com or Mr. Yi Zhou at zy@rayyinlawyer.com.