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Rayyin & Partners Helped Foshan Junjing in Winning the Only Price Undertaking in the Antidumping

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In the final determination issued by the Ministry of Production of Argentina (the “Ministry”) on February 17 of 2018, FOSHAN Junjing Industrial Co., Ltd.’s (“Foshan Junjing”) undertaking proposal was accepted by the Ministry, the only price undertaking proposals accepted by the Ministry in the investigation. A uniform antidumping duty rate of 27.7% (ad valorem) is assigned to other Chinese companies.
The investigation was raised against glazed tiles originated in India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil as well as China and was initiated by the Ministry by issuing Resolution No. 220 of 2016 on its Official Daily on August 18 of 2016.
By winning the only price undertaking in this case, Foshan Junjing secured its distinct advantage in Argentina market.